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Manual Probe System α150 α200 α300

Manual Probe System α150 α200 α300

α series manual probe system is easy to use and can be used for various measurement applications.

◎It is a Manual Probe System which supports wafer sizes of 6 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch respectively.

◎Chip fixing is possible.

◎With XY coarse movement and fine adjustment using micrometer that can be quickly positioned by air bearing design, reliable alignment is possible.

◎Z movement of the platen has coarse movement that can be operated with a lever, and fine movement that can be adjusted with micrometer.

◎It is user-friendly design.

  • Manual Probe System α150 α200 α300
  • Manual Probe System α150 α200 α300
  • Application
    • Low level IV (fA)
    • Low level CV (fF)
    • Probe solution for high-power devices .
      20kV DC/200A
    • RF measurement
    • Various resistance measurements such as sheet
    • Temperature characteristic test
    • Reliability test such as TDDB
  • Option
    • Hot chuck from room temperature to 350°C
    • Triaxial connection to chuck
    • High-power chuck
    • Storage in a DarkBox
    • 355-1 064nm laser cutters
    • Probe card (4.5 inch square PCB)
    • Combination with various light sources
  • It is possible to select optical system
    • Stereomicroscope (default)
    • Trinocular microscope
    • Zoom micro CCD camera
    • Mitutoyo Finescope FS7OZ
      series and FZ7OL
  • Examples of measuring instruments to be connected
    • Device Analyzers/Parameter analyzers
    • Power Device Analyzer
    • Source Measure Units
    • Curve Tracers
    • Precision LCR meters
    • Digital multimeters
    • Impedance Analyzers
    • Network Analyzers
    • In addition, various measuring instruments of each company
α150 α200 α300
Wafer chuck size ~6inch ~8inch ~12inch
Stage travel range (Coarse) X:150㎜ Y:200㎜ X:200㎜ Y:200㎜ X:310㎜ Y:345㎜
Stage travel range (Fine) X:±12.5㎜ Y:±12.5㎜ X:±12.5㎜ Y:±12.5㎜ X:±12.5㎜ Y:±12.5㎜
Stage e travel ±5° ±5° ±4°
Z Stage travel 0ー0.3ー5㎜ 0ー0.3ー5㎜ 0ー0.5ー4㎜
Z Stage fine travel 10㎜ 10㎜ 10㎜
Dimension W540×D635×H602㎜ W540×D635×H602㎜ W895×D760 ×H700㎜
Weight 70㎏ 70㎏ 165㎏