Line Up

Probe card

  • Parametric Probe card

    ・Enable to measure under the low / high temperature(-55 deg.C~200 deg.C )

    ・Measurable the low current(<10fA)

    ・Corresponding with Agilent 4060,4070,4080


  • Probe Card for High Power Measurement

    Supports voltage application of 10 kV
    or more and large current measurement
    of 200 A or more

    ・Correspondence of 1 o kV, 200 A or
    ・Structure to prevent discharge at high
    ・ High current support using iridium needle

    ・Connection to each measuring instrument

    ・Supports from development line to
    mass production line


  • DC multi-contact probe

    It can be installed in the positioner
    with the s a me shape as the high
    frequency probe

    ・LCR chip parts can be mounted in the
    vicinity of the device for countermeasures
    against oscillation supports
    random pin pitch

    ・Possible up to 20 pins

    ・Can be made with tungsten, BeCu,
    Pd, Ir needle


  • Probe card for high frequency measurement

    Use coaxial probe to achieve superior
    high frequency characteristics

    ・Excellent high frequency characteristics

    ・Reduced test cost

    ・Quick delivery


    <Usage example>

    ・SAW filter・RF switch・LNA

    ・Bluetooth, IC for wireless LAN


  • Probe card for measuring small current

    Measurement at high temperature,
    small current measurement possible

    ・Low temperature -60°C to 350°C

    ・Minimum current measurement at fA level

    ・4.5 inch rectangular substrate compatible

    ・4070/4080 tester compatible


  • Cantilever probe card for mass production

    Cantilever type with xcellent cost performance


    ・It corresponds to about 300 pin

    ・Multi correspondence correspondence

    ・Low cost and lower test cost

    ・Quick delivery